So unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Fendi just released the California Sky collection in collaboration visual artist Joshua Vides. The collection is super amazing and is the inspiration for how I finally decided to decorate my bedroom.

Now my bedroom was obviously decorated to my style which is very white very minimalistic very clean. My bags and shoes are on bookshelves – hello basic instablogger but whatever it looks nice!

The thing was there has always been something missing from my room. I have some art in my room like my baby Jeff Koons balloon dog and some prints I got while I was at his exhibit in Mexico City last year (You can read more about that here), but I haven’t put those up at all because I just didn’t really have a home for them. That is… until now! The only problem is I haven’t anything to hang them with so for now they’re framing my Balenciaga baseball cap and my Fendi monsters bag.

I started just with the door and then I saw the air vent and did that too. I thought of stopping there and making just a vignette but I got inspired the more I painted and I simply just kept going. Pretty soon the crown molding was painted black as well as the outline of my window. As I am writing this I am waiting for some arrows I got at the Dollar Tree to dry but let’s just say I have to fix the window because it came out pretty ratchet.

I repurposed a pretty ugly canvas which only had like an inspirational quote on it and painted the Fendi Caffe table design on it. It hangs over my bed now and on the wall next to it are three outlines for the prints I mentioned before which I have to figure out how to put up on the wall since they’re not glued to the canvas yet.

This project has inspired me loads. I am already a pretty creative person but sometimes I just have a block and I have no real concrete ideas or what I am doing just feels stale. Well right now I am feeling all of those creative juices flowing and I think I may be spiraling out of control and will probably end up with tons of arts and crafts that I don’t need and won’t have a place for but who knows we will see how long this creative run lasts.

Taking a poll, I am thinking of putting my plaster to good use and make my own Future Relics. Let me know what you think in the comments and if I should do a vlog on it too!

For now, my room feels a lot more like me and really all it took was seeing Joshua Vides work for Fendi. I know it’s kind of lame that all I am doing is copying his style but like imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And like to be honest I would kind of kill to be his apprentice because his artwork is so cool and so simple yet so complex at the same time. Joshua Vides please make me your apprentice!!!!

Definitely take a look into his work Reality to Idea because it is AMAZEBALLS!!!