I promise, I do more than watch TV in quarantine… I do more than watch TV quarantine notwithstanding but I love watching TV for entertainment and white noise when working or even to sleep. I KNOW I KNOW everyone is going to hate on me for this but I need the TV on to fall asleep.

I have an incredibly eclectic taste in television and I’ll watch anything that peaks my interest. Some things I vehemently will deny wanting to watch but sometimes I end up doing so if I am out of stuff to watch.

ALRIGHT- Get ready to binge….



+ Tiger King: If you haven’t watched this and refuse to, do yourself a favor and watch it. It is a complete roller coaster and it is just a fun watch….aside from knowing that these poor animals are treated not the best.


+ Outerbanks: Ok so as soon as this came out I knew I had to watch it. I didn’t realize it was going to be a coming of age story but the drama in this and the romance is incredible and I am dying for season 2 to start filming as soon as this pandemic is over.

+ The Stranger: British show – that’s all I need to say because pretty much all British dramas are incredible.

+ Little Fires Everywhere: So I haven’t read the books but this story line is incredible and Reese Witherspoon’s acting is beyond incredible. I kind of of hate Kerry Washington in this show but that is neither here nor there as her acting is incredible – her character is just super easy to hate.

+ Unorthodox: this is a short watch but it was incredible and based on someone’s story. Now I’m sure not al Hasidic Jew relationships are like the one in this story but it gave an interesting look into the very tight knit community.


+ Workin’ Moms: this show is HILARIOUS that’s it that’s all I’m saying. Watch it it’s amazing.

+ Kim’s Convenience: As a minority this show is hilarious because I understand the humor behind it even though I am obviously not Korean. This show is just too funny and definitely worth the watch.


+ Outlander: the drama, the sexiness that is Sam Heughan. The beauty of Scotland. You will not want to miss out on this steamy period drama.

+ The Witcher: Okay so I know that this technically isn’t a period drama but it takes place in like Medieval times so let’s roll with it. I didn’t read the books and I don’t play the video game but oh my god Henry Cavill can make anything absolutely incredible. Also this story is just so well written and it keeps you on your toes. Definitely was pissed when I finished the season and have to wait until 2022 to watch the next season.

+ The Last Kingdom: Okay so sexy men in period dramas is kind of like my jam and Alexander Dreymon needs to be on everyone’s radar.


+ SHE-RA The Princess of Power: If you are a fan of 1980’s cartoons you know that He-Man’s counterpart is She-ra. I will say I have not liked the ending of the current season but this is still definitely worth a watch as this reboot is pretty amazing.

+ Voltron: Another 1980’s cartoon reboot. This animation is fun and keeps you wanting more! Definitely worth the watch.

+ The Dragon Prince: This is a great show, animation is incredible and the story line keeps you on your toes.

+ Anything & Everything Guillermo del Toro x Dreamworks Animation: They’re all great just watch them. They all tie together too so you’ll get to explore secondary character story lines!