Obleas are the most versatile snack to make either in a salty snack or a sweet snack! If you don’t know what an oblea is, let me enlighten you!

It’s simply a wafer! Similar to a Stroopwafel for all you Dutch snack lovers!

If you are familiar to the Mexican Oblea you know that it’s usually sold in packs in a ton of colors and is usually flavorless. Sometimes it is sold as a sandwich with either cajeta or chamoy for the filling.

However you enjoy these emblematic snacks you should definitely stay tuned for the recipes I will be posting to elevate your Oblea experience! You can purchase the Obleas directly from my site here but for now you’re on your own for the rest of the ingredients.

But you’re here for the recipe so let me hush up and get to it:

The ingredients you will need are:

♥1 packet of Cacao Wafers (you’ll only need a couple so these are optional)

♥ 1 packet of Linaza Wafers

♥ 1/2 cup of sugar free white chocolate


♥ Crush 2-3 cacao wafers

♥ Melt chocolate in a steam bath. Stirring constantly so as not to burn the chocolate.

♥ Work in layers, adding chocolate to each Linaza wafer and stacking.

♥ Once you have no more obleas, cover the stack in remaining white chocolate and crushed Cacao wafers.

♥ Refrigerate for 15 minutes and enjoy!

The best part of this recipes is that is low calorie and if you use the chocolate we use it is also Keto friendly! The wafers are made with amaranth flour so they are healthy in of themselves and only 1 calorie per wafer! This whole recipes is filling and satisfying for a little over 100 calories!