Okay so you guys are probably over my bs haha but I swear this is the last business venture for a while!

So you may have seen a few posts with some products. Well I am selling those products! They come all the way from Mexico and I am making them available nationwide! Maybe internationally too if anyone wants!

Okay but let me backtracks just a little bit. My sister and I are absolutely obsessed with these snacks and that salsa macha goes on literally everything we eat… Not joking.. we do and it’s amazing.

We wanted to share these incredible snacks with everyone because they deserve to be showcased. They are healthy snacks and incredibly delicious.

So thus our business is conceived: Delixias.

Delixias is a snack delivery service (and e-commerce) which specializes in delicious snacks for the healthy eater. The products we sell include kosher, gluten free and vegan products! How amazing is that!

You can purchase our products via our website or you can dm us on Instagram with your order. We accept, PayPal and Venmo.

We sold out of almost everything by the second day and we are waiting on an order that is coming in tomorrow. So get your pre orders in and we can make sure you get your snacks! You can also join the newsletter for updates on when we get in new products!

Salsa Macha Arandano
Charrito Amaranto Pikin
Oblea Carbon Activado