psa: why you need to steam your sheets

So a while back I posted on Instagram asking if I was the only crazy person who steams her sheets. Well I was surprised that pretty much everyone said I was crazy! It actually isn’t that crazy and right now you should all be doing it too!

Benefits of steaming:

♡ Steaming your sheets not only leaves them smelling good (if you spray linen spray on the sheets first) between washes but it also gets rid of bacteria! And I am not making that up either! According to the CDC, heat of 167 degrees or more is sufficient to kill respiratory viruses like the flu.

♡ Crisp bed sheets when you go to bed! Picture this, you’re on vacation at a Ritz Carlton, you’ve just ended a long day of sightseeing, you hop in the bath and are ready for bed. There is no better feeling than climbing into a fluffy bed with crisp linens.

What I Use:

I am obsessed with my Salav Steamer. It’s great for your clothes and your sheets duh! Super easy to use and it’s so much simpler than ironing.

Success! You’re on the list.

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