Today is Mother’s Day and although we couldn’t go all out! We tried our best though! I’m sure you have all been told by your mothers “Don’t get me anything.” As if we would ever think to not get her anything!

If you guys read my post about her birthday you’ll know we are pretty intuitive when it comes to buying her gifts or planning her parties. We pay extra attention to the things she says. Yesterday she said wanted to have Spirulina pancakes for breakfast and Phil’s BBQ for dinner. I didn’t get a shot of the pancakes but I can assure you they are delicious! Should I do a blog post on these? Let me know in the comments below.

After breakfast it was time for presents! My mom’s been sad that her candles have been running out since we use candles all the time! And Voluspa are her fave! We usually have the Saijo Persimmon or Mokara burning in the house because they smell amazing.

Since we recently changed the living room to blue tones we obviously had to have candles to match and we got the Cool Tones set.

You didn’t think that was all that we got our mom though did you? What kind of children do you think we are?

Ever since we did the closet clean outs (quarantine has us way too productive) my mom realized she didn’t have any nice pajamas anymore! Natori silk pj’s are my absolute fave but those are too much for my mom but I have this exact pajama so we could match! (Mental Note to get my sister the same pjs for her birthday to match)

And the piece de resistance. Mother’s Day would be incomplete without beautiful flowers. These Venus et Fleurs are just divine….and since they last almost two years with proper care it’s an investment!