I have been trying to work from home since forever, but now that we have been in quarantine for 23 days I have realized how much I take for granted all the awesome things I can do outside.

We were supposed to be going on our Spring vacation a few days ago and I have never been so sad to have to cancel a trip. Mainly because we have been trying for years to make this particular trip. The first time we tried to go to Turkey the airport was bombed and we changed our trip and went to Munich instead.

Munich was absolutely gorgeous but the day we got there the some guy went on a shooting rampage literally blocks from our hotel.

Sounds like trouble finds us when we are on vacation! But it’s always a grand time and I have stories to tell when I come back home.

I hadn’t noticed how much traveling absolutely replenishes my mind and soul. So as you can imagine being ordered to stay home for non-essential travel and avoiding public places (like tourist attractions) has made me feel anxious. Not necessarily in a this is scary kind of way but an anxious I need to be doing something exciting and I need to stay in place type of way.

Being in quarantine hasn’t been all bad though, this has been a great way for me to focus on other things that I have been wanting to do. Like focus on growing my blog. This has helped keep my mind busy because I have so many ideas of things that I can do! I even started my own clothing label Red Lip Crew. If you’re interested check out the shop here.

I even made the decision to start doing law office study so I can take the California bar in a few years and finally be an attorney!

We are all in this journey together! What are some things you are working on during this down time? Leave me a comment below. 

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