10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

I cannot contain my excitement. I am finally going to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at the Will Rogers State Park in Los Angeles. If you know me you know that I am obsessed with Veuve Clicquot, and I have been obsessed with is since before it became the millennial drink of choice.

There is something simply so appealing about that green bottle with the yellowy orange label. Now it may not be on the same level as Kristal or Ace of Spades in terms of price but it is such an incredibly tasting champagne.

We are so obsessed with it that we have a “throne” for our bottles and the special edition canisters. Now the Polo Classic has been on my bucket list for a minute, maybe even since I started my Tumblr about a million years ago if anyone remembers me from those days. It is as big as going the Kentucky Derby!

Now there are different level of tickets that you can get. We got general admission which were $90 each because my mom didn’t decide in time if she wanted to go or not but there were Early Passes for $150 which included the glasses of champagne and some other things as well.

There are two other levels as well, the Rose Garden for $500 per person and the Grand Dame Garden for $1900 per person. Each level of course has its different areas which you can enter and include the bottle corresponding to the garden as well as the glasses.

Everyone I know who has gone say that it’s totally worth the price point, but I am not completely sold on it. We will see when I go how I feel about it, so stay tuned for the update. In the meantime though, if you are having major FOMO, the link is below to buy the tickets. Hope to see you there! Drop me a line if you do decide to go! Would love to do a meet up.

Post Veuve Clicquot

So here’s the scoop! General admission, is okay. You get better bang for your buck if you’re going to go for the Rosé Garden or the Grand Dame Garden.

Now obviously I got the general admission because I didn’t know what was up. If you buy Veuve at the grocery or liquor store you know yellow label is about $70. At the event they sell the bottles at $105. You have the option of food trucks as well so there’s some selection but once I did the math, i should have splurged on the other tickets. Not to mention the event was packed and really just for the gram! I went to go watch the polo match and didn’t even get to watch aside from a tiny bit at the beginning.

The lawn seating is obviously first come first serve so it is worth it to get there early as soon as it starts to get a good spot. Think the beach on a sunny day….absolutely nowhere to sit!

So here is the breakdown on the extra perks you get when you’re splurging on Rosé Garden or La Grande Dame Garden.

Rosé Garden

Admission $99. Rosé bottle $130. Rosé Riche glasses $25 each. Served gourmet lunch $100. Rosé Garden perks are worth the extra exclusivity that general admission doesn’t provide. It is much less crowded from what one can see on the other side of the field.

La Grande Dame Garden

At $1900 this is for the true polo lover! It has dedicated prime field seating. What does that mean? You’re more likely to be able to catch a shot of Nacho Figueras and his fine self! Or you might even be lucky enough to be in the presence of Julia Roberts in her iconic Pretty Woman dress as was the case for this year at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Will Rogers State Park.

You also get a bottle of La Grande Dame 2008 ($200 value) and two glasses of La Grande Dame champagne during lunch. You get complimentary valet and priority boarding to the grounds!

Whichever ticket you decide to purchase I can assure you that you will have a blast!

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