When moms say they don’t want anything for their birthday…..don’t ever believe them! I mean it, never ever for any reason think that it will be okay if you just get her a card and some flowers for her birthday. She will whine about it without a doubt.

Now the problem with moms is you never really know what to get them and of course moms are never going to flat out tell you exactly what they want. So what I’m saying is pay attention and I mean real close attention when your mom likes something. Most likely she wants it bad but won’t buy it for herself.

About this birthday wishlist….I’m posting all of the things my mom is wanting currently and the things she’s been eyeing forever. Maybe this list will inspire you to listen more closely not only to what your mom says but anyone you’re trying to buy a gift for does. We’re so worried about what they will like that we forget to pay attention to the things that we know they like.