The Living Room Edit

The living room has been in the works for a while now and we finally pulled the plug on the full edit! And can you believe it but we only spent about $100 on making this drab looking corner into the prettiest focal point for our living room.

First things first! Our trip to Home Depot was an adventure in itself. We waited in line a bit to get in, found our things after an hour, bought all the things we needed and were back home filled with excitement for our latest project….only to realize halfway to getting home that we bought the wrong painters tape! We thought we had bought a two pack when in reality we bought a thicker tape which was not going to work for the thin lines between our triangles. So back we go to Home Depot to buy THE RIGHT TAPE!

Okay so fast forward to our little snafoo and we start taping up the wall! This was a pretty difficult task as the lines had to be pretty straight or at least as straight as we could get them.

Once we finished taping up the hardest part of it all came next. Which triangles were going to be which color. Well, we numbered the three paints we had and started numbering the triangles 1, 2, 3 and so on. We were finally ready to start painting. OR SO WE THOUGHT!

We had two 1’s together and we couldn’t have them side by side. So we changed the numbers around, but then we had two 2’s together. We changed the numbers around again but there was no way we weren’t going to have two of the same color that weren’t going to be really close together. So we decided to leave two that weren’t very noticeable close together.

And so began the painting. This was so much fun and let me tell you we laughed and joked around a lot. It was just a fun project. If you have a boring wall or corner you want to spruce up and need a break from this quarantine mess this is the project for you!

The Basics

+ Layout: If you know my mom you know that she loves to change the layout of everything….all the time. And at least for now the layout changed so it’s more social!

+ Paint: Ok su duh this whole post was about the paint job. Didn’t it turn out so cute? We found the idea on Pinterest!

The TV Console

+ So this console is from one of my fave stores and probably yours too! Home Goods!! It was a real steal but there is a super similar one on Amazon. We live in Coronado so naturally our living room had to have a beachy style but we gave it a more modern twist adding the industrial and geometric features.

The Coffee Table

+ This coffee table is also a Home Goods favorite but you can find plenty on Amazon too! It’s perfect because it works as storage for our decorative pillows and throws and its tres chic.

BONUS! We had paint left over and gave new life to our hallway as well!

+ the closet makeover / + mental health during quarantine

The Closet Makeover

This has been a long time coming but I am finally pulling the trigger on this. We’re renting our apartment so I can’t go overboard….but it’s finally going to happen. This whole makeover probably won’t cost me a fortune either because I’ll be going to Ikea and buying some things from amazon.

Now, my mom was an interior designer so a lot of my design eye I learned from her. And I like to be a little more meticulous about how I’m going to organize things! Nobody likes buying furniture only to find out that it won’t fit in the space!

So first things first. I take some measurements and write them down. Graph paper will be ideal for drawing out your space but I didn’t have any around the house so I just used printer paper. You already have your measurements so putting them to scale won’t be difficult because you can just use 10” as your scale.

Now that we have drawn out our space look up different furniture that you would feel can work in your space! I had originally thought that putting this Ikea bookcase standing was going to be the way to go, but the truth of the matter was that I just had too many items to hang and not a lot was going to be folded in the shelves.

This ended up working much better not only for the space I had but as it turns out all of my foldables are in the same color palette so it looked like I designed it purposely. I used to have a dresser inside the space but the drawers were simply too packed was breaking down and it just didn’t work in the space. The drawers were always hitting the sliding door.

I haven’t bought the LED lights for the closet yet but I am definitely going to pull the trigger on them because I can never see what I have in my closet! And like it elevates the space!

After taking everything out to put the new furniture inside the closet I started noticing so many things that I’ve only ever worn once or twice that I am never going to wear ever again! So I decided that I’m going to go ahead sell them. Most of the items are medium range designers like Parker, McQ, Clover Canyon etc. Stay tuned for the shop page on my site pretty soon!


+ living room: the edit / + mental health during quarantine